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social network

Help-- I need a fake name for a social networking site. Like a MySpace or facebook where you add friends. Any ideas?

ALA on Sunday

Back to ALA early tomorrow morning for YALSA Coffee Klatch 8:30-10am at the Marriot. Can't wait to meet people! And I'm signing right afterward. If you're there please stop by and say hi! And get a free book! 10:30-11:30 at FSG booth 1811.

Espressologist Arc giveaway...

on goodreads ends in 4 hours.


I'm finally giving away an arc of THE ESPRESSOLOGIST over on goodreads. Check it out!

Still time to play!

Comment HERE for a chance to win a signed copy of this:

Printer's Row

Going to Printer's Row on Sunday-- will post pics on Twitter. I'm @TinaSpringer

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I have the best almost 3-yr old EVER! I set the almost 1-yr old on the floor in the family room for a moment, and went into the garage for something. Got LOCKED in the garage. Banged and banged on the door for ten minutes but the older two kids wouldn't come open it. They figured it was a stranger. My almost 3-yr old doesn't know how to open doors but worked on the door knob until she finally got it open and rescued Mommy! :-) PHEW!

WINGS Giveaway Today!

Isn't it pretty?

Want to win a signed copy of it?

Comment over here. (And read about my fun night at AP's booksigning. Pics too.)