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Friday Five, Soup edition

1) I finally finished cutting and counting the Campbells Soup UPC codes for my son's school.
2) There were 3,851 of them.
3) It easily took me 15+ hours of work. 5 of those hours my husband was assisting.
4) 3,851 points can buy you 3 soccer balls.
5) I am never ever ever volunteering to cut campbell soup UPC codes again. Ever. I think I may even boycott soup. In fact, I twitch when I hear people even say Campbell's now. The color red makes me itch.


Anyone know how Amazon prices stuff? My book is listed as $15.99. Then it went down to $11.55. Then back up to $15.95 this morning. Now it's settled at $10.87. HUH? Why does the price keep fluctuating? It's not even out.

Bye bye my pretty cover :-(

Another one is on the way!

Friday Five

(iphone edition - short)

1) It's soooooo beautiful outside. Why am I in the car?

2) I think I'm an e-mail psychic. I get a feeling right before good news.

3) Have you heard psychics are doing GREAT during the recession? Hmm.

4) I finished first time through of my revisions. One more look then off to CPs.

5) So how was the London Book fair? Any good news?

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Doesn't this book look cute?

Want to win it? Comment HERE for a chance. Winner posted on Saturday.

Happy Easter!

Canoli cupcakes-- the finished product.

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Making canoli cupcakes

Doesn't the batter look cool?

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I have...

a book two!! Whoo hoo! My middle grade, MY FAKE BOYFRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOURS should release fall 2010.