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Five Things on Friday

1) It's the last day of spring break. Booooo. I'm so ready for summer.

2) I turned in my middle grade to my editor almost two weeks ago and I haven't written a thing since. Bad, bad me.

3) I'm going to have a nice long writing date with myself tomorrow.

4) I heart my book club. SUCH a fun group!

5) This past month we read Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin. And if any of you have ever been told your main character is unlikeable, this is a good book to read. I didn't like her main character, I couldn't stand the main guy, and I hated the other BIG character in her book (the best friend). But I liked the book. Weird right? So did a lot of other people since it's a NYT Bestseller. I even want to read the next book now-- Something Blue, where the story is told from the best friend's POV. And really, I did NOT like these characters one bit!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Available for pre-order

The Espressologist is available for pre-order now! Too cool!

Oooh-- pre-order??

I was just thinking about the Amazon pre-order thing and when it would be turned on for my book and look what I found--


It's up on Macmillan's site! Cool! Now I know my release date etc. too. Yay! Now where can I get me one of those little countdown thingies? :-)
They don't think I'm weird. Even when I'm repeatedly hitting my head on my laptop to find out just what letters are typed when one's head hits the keys (research) they still smile and tell me to stay as long as I want.

Kristin Walker interview

Hey all,
I interviewed Kristin Walker, author of:

at Author2Author today. Check it out!

writerly update

I haven't posted much about writing lately but I've been writing proposals (three in all) hoping to narrow down book two. I'm on the last outline of my last proposal and I really want to get it done tonight. Outlines always make me nervous. I'm not sure why. But I get panicky up until I sit down to get to work on it. My plan is to do as much as possible on it tonight. Wish me luck! :-)

This made me smile...

I was waiting in line to pick up my son from school today and look at the back of this car in front of me:

Can you see someone wrote "I (love) Edward Cullen" on it? Isn't that adorable?

I did a bad bad thing

Um...somehow I just washed the husband's PSP.     :-(

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever

and I mean EVER, volunteer to be the Campbell's Soup Coordinator for your child's school. Because do you know what this translates to? UPC cutter outer. I have thousands and thousands of soup labels all over my floor right now. I've been cutting for four hours. I've finished about half of the first bag they gave me. There are four bags. I'm losing my mind.